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Blind Sided - Part Two

He brought me into his hard body, he squeezed tightly. It felt nice. but just as quickly as I was in his arms, I was out.
— BB

"So you still haven't heard from him?" Kim asked me with concerned eyes. She and I had arrived to her parents home in Tennessee a little after 1am. I was beyond annoyed. Mekhi had some nerve not replying to my earlier message about my arrival to HIS city. I sighed a sigh of relief that I hadn't based my entire trip on my meeting up with him, something was up and I was going to make it my business to find out what it was.

Kim and I celebrated the 4th of July with dinner and fireworks, although it was a time for celebration, I couldn't prevent my mind from wandering to the issue of Mekhi and I.  The last time I'd spoken with him was three days prior and we were merely discussing our days with one another.  His distance made no sense to me.  I thought of what I would advise someone if they proposed this same scenario.  My first thought was that he could very well have just lost interest and had his sights set on someone else.  I mulled that thought over and over in my mind.  Truth was Mekhi and I had not much of a repertoire with one another.  We talked randomly and it was never more than an hour at a time.  We talked enough so that we were acquainted, but not so much that there was an undying attraction or high ass expectation.  The pop of the firecracker in the sky broke my thoughts.  Tomorrow was he and his brother's 4th of July party, and I was going, invited or not because he had some explaining to do.

It was dark, it was pitch black dark. Kim and I definitely were in the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I knew that any minute leather face was going to hop out of the brush and make us his next victims. I was almost certain that the mud that'd just seeped into my shoe, ruined any chance of a clean getaway. I grabbed the bottom of my high low black and white striped dress that dared to sweep the ground gathering it's water and dirt combo.  Earlier while getting ready, Kim informed me that her brother had spoken to Mekhi and informed him that he was just really nervous about meeting me which caused him to pull back.  I rolled my eyes into the mirror wanting to shout "pull back from what?" this guy was acting as though we were entering into some arranged marriage, it was a meet and greet for God's sake!  I was now pissed at Mekhi for turning this situation into such a shit show, involving Kim and her brother more than he really should have, much too many hands were in the pot and I planned to pull them all out except for the ones needed, Mekhi and I's.  Kim and I cautiously walked up the path to where the music was coming from. A few guys were standing out front drinking what we assumed to be beer and eyeing Kim and I as we approached in the dark as rain sprinkled from above.

I looked around at the handsome faces hoping that one belonged to Mekhi. Kim and I walked up a small set of stairs and suddenly a figure that I made out in the baby blue light emitting, stood about 6'0, wearing a pair of khaki's and a denim shirt with black flip flops. His hair was curly and lowly cropped to fit his round brown face. His lips were full and dark, eyes almond shaped and cheek bones, shit, I envied them. Why did he look like a younger Eric Benet/Maxwell mix?! I started hearing Eric Benet's latest record, Real Love spewing out from some heavenly place. "This is my friend, BB." Kim said as she stepped aside and Mekhi took me in. His eyes scanned from the high part of my dress, which I knew was an out of control high, exposing more of my thick thighs than I cared to share. Up to my hips that made a statement all on their own. Pass my triple D's to my full red lips and high bun that any ninja would be envious of. "Come here, girl." Mekhi said as he brought me into his hard body, he squeezed tightly. It felt nice. but just as quickly as I was in his arms, I was out. He excused himself and traveled across the room to attend to some of his guests. "Shit". I cursed under my breath. I looked around for the bar.  I needed a drink.


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