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Blind Sided Part Three

I needed to handle this situation as poised as possible without ruining any opportunity I would have with Mekhi or without allowing Jackson’s cute ass to walk off without my number.
— BB

I made my way over to the make shift bar in the corner, asked for my usual vodka Cranberry and was overjoyed when the bartender handed me an over-sized cup of the concoction. I was going to need it in order to get through this night. I looked out over the crowd and saw Mekhi jetting in and out from person to person. Ugh! Why won't he sit still? I wanted to take in more of the Eric Benet/Maxwell look alike  wanted to see those lips moving and eyes wandering. I wanted to know if there was a connection! My frustrations were out of control. I looked to my left to see Kim in a conversation with someone and I made no qualms about interrupting them. Before an introduction could be made I took in the familiar face, although it was much less chubby and his body more fit, his eyes hid behind black rimmed frames. He was well over 6'2 with facial hair. He made eye contact and appeared slightly uncomfortable. It was Mekhi's brother Mark.  Kim had shown me a picture of him one day last week after telling me that he was pissed with her for never setting him up with anyone and always thinking of Mekhi.  "Mark, this is my friend BB." I shook his hand and continued to allow my eyes to travel down his body to his Jeans and comfortable looking shoes. Time paused for a moment or two, something was happening, a definite shift was present.  Mark continued on with the conversation he was having with Kim, now only with me included. He was saying something in reference to school and moving to D.C. However, my mind was on another level. My hand was on fire from when we exchanged greetings. "What the hell was that?" I wondered taking a look at my palm as if I expected for the proof to be plastered on my fingers. Mark continued, making eyes at me in between his spiels, I wondered if he noticed it too, but it would have to wait.  I was on a mission.

Kim and I found ourselves wandering through Mekhi's home, taking in the very Indi vibe that it was giving us. We bumped into him halfway on our self guided tour. "We're just taking a look around." Kim spoke up to Mekhi. "Oh yeah, well you already saw swag room number one." Mekhi said with a heavy chuckle, referring to the room where most of his guests were congregated. "This is my bedroom" Mekhi motioned for us to follow him. His room was spacious and dark. A what would be TV, was actually a projection screen. "Yeah, my bed will be here some time next week." Mekhi and I made eye contact a few times, looking for the all too necessary spark. I actually began to wish Kim away so that there would be less awkwardness in the conversation. Truth of the matter was, Mekhi intentionally stopped speaking to me which was odd in itself. Yet, here he was being the perfect host. "This is bullshit" I mumbled under my breath. Just like earlier, Mekhi was there, then just as quickly he was gone.

Kim and I copped a squat on a cushioned section of the kitchen. When a chocolate cutie with a fresh Cesar cut, carefully trimmed beard and uncommonly prefect smile wearing a crisp ironed white t-shirt walked up and introduced himself. "How are you ladies doing, my name is Jackson?" Kim and I introduced ourselves and chatted with the cute stranger. After a few pleasurable exchanges he excused himself and joined the party. Out of nowhere, Mekhi found a seat next to Kim and began to talk to her about her brother being M.I.A to the event. I began to feel tight at the mention of Kim's brother and Mekhi talking. I was trying to remain engaged in the conversation with the two of them, when all I really wanted was for Mekhi to grab my hand and us step away somewhere privately to at least exchange less awkward greetings and have a conversion uninterrupted. I began to hate him for being such a flake, and providing that weak ass excuse of him feeling nervous. I sucked my teeth out of the blue, hoping he nor Kim were paying attention to my two second tantrum. I then noticed  the chocolate cutie, Jackson, was back. He made joking conversation with Mekhi, then slowly sauntered over onto my side of the cushion and placed his phone square in my face.

A sudden air of awkwardness was present. I could see both Kim and Mekhi's expression from the corner of my eye. I definitely wanted to dispense my digits in Jackson's phone, but I couldn't do that blatantly in Mekhi's face and who the hell did Jackson think he was by pushing his phone in front of me without so much as a word, anyhow?  I needed to handle this situation as poised as possible without ruining any opportunity I would have with Mekhi or without allowing Jackson's cute ass to walk off without my number.  I suppose the God's heard my plea, or either history was just repeating itself, because just like earlier, Mekhi was there, then he was gone, leaving me with a get out of jail free card.  After schooling Jackson on how to properly ask for a young lady's number, he leaned down with sexy eyes and an award winning smile and asked "May I have your number, please?"  I fell for his charm, smiled a smile back and quickly grabbed his phone, keeping one eye on Mekhi I placed my ten digits in Jackson's android and handed it back to him.  "I will definitely be calling you."  He said as he disappeared around the corner.  I looked at Kim and gave her a smile and a shrug.


Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined - Henry David Thoreau

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