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The Truth About Loving Me

Yet, you search for those things in my eyes, my love, because that’s where you discovered the very best.
— BB

You couldn't be interested in me, or rather you shouldn't.
If I could offer any real advice, it'd be that. Not in the way it's being read, however, you shouldn't be interested in me if you're not ready to be exposed, grow, and have someone to call you on your bullshit.

You'll never be the same.
My goal is to not be the same, so there's no way that you could leave being the same, hopefully both for the better. The greater versions of ourselves, prayerfully.
Your life will look different, your smile different, laugh different, and certainly, you'll cry differently.
My plan is to evoke emotions you've never felt before. I want to peel back every layer and discover a plethora of love and potential. I want you to shed the dead skin and step into a new wave of living.

I'll make you want better, but you won't be sure of where to find it once I'm gone.
The crazy thing about being with me, you'll desire better in your life, from the shoes on your feet, to the career you thought you wanted. Yet, you search for those things in my eyes, my love, because that's where you discovered the very best.  The worst thing you could do, is to let that escape you.

You'll wonder how you ever lived one second of your life without me.
I'll make you search deep within yourself, acknowledging crevices and crannies that God placed there.

You don't know where that is? Come here, let me show you. That's the essential role of a woman in a mans life to show him better than he's use to. Then and only then is her work truly done.

You'll discover a whole new world in my eyes.
A whole new path in my bosom
A new taste for thrill in my loins.
You will discover religion in my voice and pain in my silence
No to love me won't be easy, it'll be hard - harder than you can imagine, but if you want it, come and get it.



Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined - Henry David Thoreau

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