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31.0000° N, 35.0000° E Part 2

My heels announced my presence before I could take all of him in. I smiled but stiffened at the same time. There he was, in all of his glory.
— BB

I'd arrived to the restaurant in a haste.  Still cursing the nail technician that forced me to be way further behind than I wanted to be for our date.  I'm never really nervous - but due to my lack of preparation, I felt nervousness creeping in daring to expose me as a clutz or rather, not as interesting as I'd like to think I was.

Jacob and I decided to meet at one of my favorite restaurants in the city.  I'd suggested it as a place due to the ambiance, it was sexy but sophisticated, the food and the service were both impeccable.  Jacob and I had constant conversations about food and his healthy lifestyle - which just added another layer as to why I liked him.  I knew this restaurant would be able to meet both his and my standards.

I arrived just at the appointed time.  The air was brisk, as it was the middle of December, I gripped my shawl closer to my body as I made the short walk up the marble steps that led to the restaurant.  The wind played with the train on my dress, whipping it in circular motions, but quite possibly appearing to be dancing in the distance to a passerby.

The warm air invited me further into the lobby as I greeted the hostesses.  I informed them that I was meeting someone while simultaneously scanning the open and empty restaurant for his familiar face. I was a little dissapointed to not see him there already.  I decided I'd sit at the bar as it gave me a birds eye view of the door.  I scooted into the highboy chair and gave him a quick ring to let him know that I was in the restaurant and to check to see where he was. He informed me that he was sitting in his car as he had arrived way before time.  I would have initially thought it was odd that he didn't simply come into the restaurant to wait. Honestly, had it been anyone else aside from Jacob, I would have, but I had come to appreciate his quirkiness - it made him unique.  I let him know that I was waiting at the bar and that he could feel free to join me.

My heart quickened once we hung up.  I'd never met this guy in person and all I wanted was to like him as much as I liked him on the phone.  I took a deep breath and tried to allow the lump in my throat to dissipate.  I could see a figure approaching the large glass doors out of my peripheral.  I didn't want to fully turn, as I didn't want to appear as though I'd been staring at the door for the last five minutes, although I sort of had been.  The cool air danced it's way inside and met my bare legs clear across the room.  I took it as my sign to look over.  I gave my natural kinks a quick shake and stood to strut back up to the hostess stand where I once was. I could only partially see him at this point, my heart beat quickened.  I felt as though I was going to meet my fate, not a man who I simply had a crush on and we were going to have dinner - no, this felt intense.  Too intense.

My heels announced my presence before I could take all of him in.  I smiled but stiffened at the same time.  There he was, in all of his glory.  I did the mental check that we all do when we meet someone whom we've only chatted with and/or saw a few pictures of.  He was much shorter than I thought he would be.  He stood about 5'9, broad shoulders,  dressed in jeans, casual loafers and a buttoned-down collared shirt.  He wore a fashionable scarf around his neck and frames - I assume for fashionable purposes. Either way - he looked good.  His beard was finely trimmed as though it was done that morning.

I smiled.

Panic began to set in as I felt a bit over-dressed.  I was wearing a new royal blue high-low dress that played pick-a-boo with my thighs all evening, it had a train that grazed the floor as I walked.  My royal blue peep-toe shoes were probably best suited for the spring months, but I paid that no never-mind. I snapped out of my comparison to what he and I were wearing and stepped in to give the physical version of him a hug.  His body felt hard as steel, warm yet friendly.

The hostesses both stood watching us as we embraced.  He stepped back and we both stood staring at one another for a moment, I guess taking it all in once more.  I suppose the hostess thought it was a good enough time as any to direct us to our table for the evening.  He allowed me to walk in front of him as we were taken through the main part of the restaurant to a back quiet table where the lighting seem to get darker and make the atmosphere cozier.  I imagined that Jacob, was doing what guys often do when a woman is in front of them.  I smiled a little at the thought, but was relieved when we were finally seated and back on a leveled playing field.

Jacob and I were seated shortly after 6:30pm, we didn't part ways until a little after 11pm.  We sat and talked and drank and laughed, and ate and talked some more.  There was never a moment of awkward silence.  We discussed everything from work to politics to workouts to family.  After a moment I found myself wishing the night didn't have to end.  I was having too much fun and it would appear that he was as well.  It was getting late and both of our bodies were getting tired.  He had a two-hour drive back home and I'd been up since 5am, so rest was needed.

On the ride back home, I reflected on the evening. It had been so long since I actually liked someone, I was just hoping that Jacob would turn out to be someone I could really grow with. After my last relationship, and how shady my ex turned out to be - it made me slightly apprehensive about getting back out into the dating world - but at the moment, Jacob had me thankful I did!


Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined - Henry David Thoreau

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