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XMAN Part 1

He had a low cropped haircut, perfectly trimmed mustache and eyes that always seemed to agree with his smile.
— BB

I LOVE a good throwback...don't you?
Xavier was one of my favs to write about, he had such personality and it was easy to capture in words.  Enjoy!

"BB!  Stranger!"  If it was one thing I despised being called, it was most certainly "stranger", it was somewhat of a diss to me, as if I had somehow placed myself in the category all on my own and without cause .  However, it was the familiar name to be called to break the ice when it had been far too long since you'd spoken to someone. My normal reaction would have been to roll my eyes but this person made my reaction a whole lot different than what was normal.  It was Xavier.  Mixed feelings rose to the surface before I had a moment to acknowledge them.  I hadn't spoken to Xavier in over 4 months, it was just one of those....things.  I wrestled with a response, should I even respond?  What was there to say?  I'm always skeptical of those who fall off the face of the planet only to pop back up out of nowhere, - I wasn't one to pop up out of the blue, once a certain amount of time had lapsed, done was done, especially if we had no prior repertoire.

"I'm an intellectual, a bit of a risk taker."  He said through a smile that I am certain was aided by braces based on the photo I saw.  His chuckle that followed was lighthearted and boyish.  I was having an initial conversation with Xavier at the urging of a mutual acquaintance.  "You'll like him, he's so much like you!"  I frowned at the idea that there was a male version of me out in the universe - what did that even look like, and the fact that he's a lot like me meant nothing, or did it?  Xavier was witty, with a bit of a know-it-all personality, he was funny and very smart.  A young entrepreneur who right out of college started his own business dealing in sales, which over the span of five years, he'd done quite well. He was certainly a man on the move, however, we made it a point to check in with one another daily, we'd at least talk on the phone twice  or more during the week.  My only issue was that he lived in New York, but spent a lot of time in my city as he attended undergraduate school here.

Xavier and I had tried for weeks to connect in person, to see if what had manifested through a number of phone calls and about a trillion text messages translated to a face to face meeting. Unfortunately, Xavier had been forced to be in New York longer than he had originally hoped to be, he was working crazy hours and so was I.  It didn't take long for frustration to rise and for interest to simply wane.  After playing phone tag for about three days, I was over it and forfeited the game he and I were now playing and that was the end to the Xavier saga - or so I thought.  Now here I was reading a text message from him, and all of the reasons why I liked him suddenly rushed back to the surface.  Xavier got me on a level that I hadn't exactly had anyone get me before.  He appealed to me not only physically, but strangely to the ambitious side as well.  After our first conversation and finding out about so much that he had accomplished at such a young age, it pushed me to further look at my own goals.  He impressed me, and actually inspired me - I'd never had that before.

I went against what I would consider my better judgment and decided to respond to his message, I sent a standard "hello how are you", and by the end of the weekend and our catch-up conversation we had plans to meet up for drinks the following week. I figured that I had nothing to lose in this instance, and maybe I could at least meet the guy, that was one good thing out of the deal.  I wanted 6pm to arrive while it was only still 6am, I was not necessarily excited but anxious, I wanted to put a face to this guy finally and possibly close an invisible chapter that I figured must have existed.  I stood in the doorway of a swanky restaurant that I'd chosen as a meeting spot.  I arrived five minutes til the designated time to try to work off whatever nerves that would try to make themselves present.  The restaurant was warm and the lights hung low, there was soft jazz playing in the background.  I immediately felt a twinge of panic as I thought this was a bit too romantic, I didn't want Xavier to think that this was some kind of wine and dine session.  After ten minutes I became annoyed at Xavier's absence, he hadn't arrived yet, and I was five minutes from leaving.

With a furrowed brow I began a text message stating that I didn't appreciate being stood up, but before I could hit send, a tall, broad shouldered gentleman stepped through the door.  I'd made my way away from the entrance during my pacing while waiting on Xavier to show up, so the stranger didn't immediately notice me.  He wore a dark grey suit, a white button down shirt with no tie, he had one hand in his pocket as he stepped fully into the restaurant with a confident stride.  He looked as though he could own the place - hell, maybe he did, suddenly, he whipped his head to the far left where I was standing and a smile spread across his face.  "BB!"  he said with outstretched arms as he made his way over to me.  It was as if time was moving in slow motion.  He was even more handsome up close.  He had a low cropped haircut, perfectly trimmed mustache and eyes that always seemed to agree with his smile.  My mind paused.

Oh Xavier.

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