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Meat&Bread - a fictional story Part 1 of 5

Although I enjoy writing about my real life - I also love to write fiction.  It was reading fiction that I learned that I wanted to and actually could enjoy writing.  While some events are based off of true past experiences - it's mostly fiction.  I hope you enjoy... - B

"And this is Des."  I was interrupted from my work when Tim's loud booming startled me.  I lifted my head up from my computer screen, annoyed.  "Des, this is Anthony- he's the new file clerk replacing Jenny."  I thought about Jenny and how she abruptly called in sick one day, and simply never returned.  The rumor was that there was always a constant turnover for the position - I personally paid it no attention.  I'd been the senior paralegal at the firm of Chess, Chase and Bunker for the past three years, the last thing I was trying to keep track of was who the newest file clerk was.  I was use to this game though, I smiled a fake smile and stared into the eyes of the plain faced boy as I offered an equally fake one liner, "Welcome, I think you will enjoy it here."  I said untruthfully.  Honestly, I didn't know if he would like it or not, I just figured that, that's what anyone would want to hear.  Truth was, with the amount of people who'd held the position over the past two years, he'd probably hate it.

I immediately directed my attention back to my computer monitor, a hint for them to go the fuck away.  Tim caught on quickly, he knew how I could be.  I despised him, he and I had a run in when I first arrived at the firm - he's been the paralegal coordinator for the past 15 years!  What a loser? I never understood people who stayed at organizations far pass their welcome.  I often wondered if they looked at it like a badge of honor or something.  Most companies set employees up to lose, at most places once you reach a certain year - you've capped out.  You've made all the money your position can stand to make.  I personally thought people who gave their all to organizations were rather pathetic.  Shit, what time is it? I had to be sure to make it all the way to the other side of town for my spin class.  I grimaced at Tim and the stupid file clerk holding me up.

I had somehow made it just in time for the class.  My instructor Larry was a middle-aged white guy who was balding, but his ass had the momentum of a twenty-one year old.  He hopped on his bike and raised his right in the air, signaling he was about to begin.  Everyone, including me raised our right hands one after the other.  The lights dimmed and music began to blast.  A slow smirk swept across my face.  After such a long and miserable day of slaving away, I enjoyed coming here.  It was my release, because lord knows I wasn't getting any at home.  My smirk faded a bit as I thought to my live in boyfriend Chase.  Chase and I met on my lunch break five years ago at line in Chipotle.  I had accidentally left my wallet on my desk and got to the check out with no cash. "Fuck!"  I mumbled.  "Everything ok?"  I heard a voice from too close behind me say.  I closed my eyes and breathed in deep before forcing a smile and saying "yes, although it appears I won't be having lunch today." I let out a somewhat nervous laughter.  "Well we can't have that now, can we?"  I turned and saw what I later referred to him as, my "pecan-tan-fan-of-a-man".  He was 6 foot 1inch with an athletic build, greenish-blue eyes and a dimpled smile.  My semi-smile faded.  I despised pretty boys, I wasn't bad looking at all - but it was something about a man being pretty that never sat well with me.  He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet.  He handed his Sapphire credit card to the cashier, "we're together".

Chase asked me on a date in the middle of the parking lot shortly thereafter, and the rest is as they say, is history. To say that Chase was a bad boyfriend, wouldn't be fair, because he really isn't.  By a lot of standards, he is great.  He's funny and popular, handsome and accomplished.  A dream, really.  At the age of 30, he became the principal of a local elementary school, he was honored as teacher of the year multiple times before.  He grew up an army brat, raised by his single parent father.  His mother died during the birth of her second child, which left him and his younger brother Derek on their own.  I had a real soft spot for Chase, but the truth was that I was bored out of my fucking mind!  I screamed this at least once a day, usually while I was in the shower and my muffled screams could easily be masked by the pressure from the water escaping the shower head.  Breaking up with Chase was something I had thought of before, but it wasn't all that simple.  I often times tried to hint at ways to spice up our relationship, but Chase wouldn't quite catch on.  I wish I could complain that it was the sex, because it really wasn't.  Chase is a great lover, he takes his time and is unselfish - but even lovemaking became boring after awhile

I arrived home around 8pm and I immediately heard Chase humming along to something.  He was in the kitchen chopping onions.  When he saw me a large grin spread across his face evenly and perfectly.  It forced me to as well.  "Baby - how are you?"  He asked.  "Spin class good tonight?"  "Yeah, it was good."  I mumbled while tossing my gym bag into the foyer closet.  I sat on the arm of the loveseat watching Chase continue to hum and chop veggies for whatever he was cooking.  "Want me to get the shower ready for you?"  he looked up as though he just thought of it.  "No, I showered at the gym."  He nodded and went back to chopping.  I walked into the kitchen, removing my jacket and dropping into the floor as I did.  His eyes started raising slowly from his task.  I stepped out of my athletic slide-in's.  "Bab--"  I quieted him with a kiss, shoving my tongue into his mouth.  I felt his body resisting.  The sound of the knife landing on the cutting board made me flinch slightly.  I pushed him against the refrigerator, pulling at his gym shorts.  "Des, what are you doing?" he asked.  "Shut up!"  I had him stripped from the waist down.  I stepped back briefly to take him in, he hated when I did that, he said it made him feel shy.  What kinda shit was that to say?  A grown ass man afraid to be butterball ass naked in front of his woman! He looked back at me slightly confused and slightly aroused.  I pounced only to meet Chase's outstretched arms. "Baby, I told you that I'm fasting from that right now, the kids take the exam on the 31st and we need all the prayers and encouragement we can get."  Chase's eyes pleaded with me, but so was his erection.  I had no idea what to believe, but I knew what I wanted to.  I grimaced, leaving Chase dick out and all standing in the kitchen.

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