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Where They At??? Part 2!

So if you have been following me since my old blog then you know from time to time I like to do an update of where a lot of the characters in my blog are, because I know so often the stories don't always have a conclusive ending.  Here are a few of the faves!

Feel free to search the blog for the relevant stories for those listed below.

Xavier - so after the date that I had with Xavier, we had a conversation a few weeks later about where things were headed. He mentioned that he was looking for a serious relationship and would definitely like to consider where things went with he and I.  The thing about Xavier is that he is a globe trotter and you sort of have to get in where you fit in with him.  After having him commit more time to getting to know one another, I discovered a few things about him that just didn't mesh.  I broke it off with him over a text message (I know!) and we haven't spoken since.  I wish him the best!  Absolutely fantastic guy with a bright future!

Alonzo - I haven't spoken to Alonzo in months.  I'm not sure why, but I of course hope that he is doing well.  I miss him and will always love him, but we lead individual lives and distance or time will never affect our bond.

Jimmy - Last time I spoke to Jimmy was technically in 2012.  Wow - I just realized how long it's been.  However, I did see him a few months ago - in a professional setting. We didn't have time to talk much but I've always prayed for growth and prosperity for him.  I hope that he is happy in his life.

Jacob - I consider Jacob to be a game changer - just not the game changer for me.  It was hard for me to let the idea of this relationship go.  I'd grown very close and very fond of Jacob, so it was tough to end things with him.  Jacob was simply not wanting to put the effort into transitioning our dating into a relationship, and that of course was his choice - but I couldn't stick around; and I'm happier for it!

Mekhi - I have nooooo idea where this guy is, how he felt about meeting me or anything.  Honestly - I would forget I even existed.  I mean, I did choose the guys brother over him.


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