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Meat&Bread - a fictional story Part 3 of 5

I raised my head slowly to see if I was tripping or if I actually lusted after the new guy or not.  I looked up to now see him looking straight at me and approaching.  A large grin spread across his face.  My heart pace picked up, shit, was I panicking and for what?  "Des!" he said as he approached, his entire body glistening.  I didn't respond, hell I wasn't sure I really could or not.  I just looked down at my feet.  "I didn't know you came here!" he exclaimed. "I don't, just checking it out, thinking of taking boxing lessons."  I managed to say.  "Oh yeah? Nice! Well, I look forward to seeing you in class" he said.  "In class?"  I asked.  "Yeah, you're taking the 1:30pm lesson, right?"  I nodded.  "Awesome!  I'll be the instructor - Lynn's just covering the basics" he said as he reached over and gave Lynn a friendly slap on the back.  I gave a fake smile and a stupid excuse for needing to leave.  I grabbed my gym bag and hurried out.  I couldn't understand why I was so flustered by him.  To be honest I'd not paid much attention to him since being introduced.  I'd began an argument in my thoughts about him still being plain looking.  "I mean, he's not even that attractive really.  OK so he has a nice body and?"  the argument continued well into my lunch hour.

The end of the week had come faster than I thought it would.  I hadn't been back to the gym since running into Anthony.  Chase's kids had taken the exam on Tuesday and I was truly hoping to get laid this weekend.  So I was in a rather cheerful mood.  "Des, how goes it?" I heard new guy say, while beaming.  "Good morning, Anthony!"  I said proudly.  "Haven't seen you in the gym, did you decide to take another class?"  He asked, appearing to be genuinely interested.  "Umm, I don't know if now is the right time" I lied.  "No better time than the present"  he said, with his face, tone and overall demeanor changing.  The pulsating that I had managed to quiet since seeing him in the gym the other day resurfaced with a vengeance.  He appeared sexy as hell in that moment.  Suddenly he pulled back from my desk credenza and said, "well, just let me know when you're ready" while narrowing his eyes in my direction.  "I'm ready right now."  I said without thinking.  Where the hell was my head or better yet my sense.  He looked surprised, "OK then, I'll see you in class today!".  Wait, what?  Shit!  My hormones were out of control.  How I managed to mix up a boxing class with a quickie on top of my desk, I'm not sure.  I shook my head in an attempt to knock some sense into me.  Now all I had to do was get through this class without allowing my hormones or thoughts to get in the way.

I walked a slower pace than I normally would while entering the gym.  My right hand shoved into my gray fleece jogger's pocket.  My purple and white gym bag was thrown across my shoulder.  I'd opted to change in the ladies room at the office, for no real reason at all or I guess to lessen any time that I would spend in this gym and in Anthony's presence.  "Des! You made it!"  He exclaimed!  I gave a half smile and sat my bag down in the corner near a random chair. Anthony immediately jumped into professional mode, explaining what the class was going to go over for the hour.  His voice began to fade out and all I could focus on was the flexing of his jaw and the way he moved his body to demonstrate what he wanted us to repeat back to him.  Shit, it was hot in here.  I reached for my zipper on my jacket to remove it.  I fanned myself unknowingly.  "You're hot already, Des?  I haven't even begun to work you out yet."  Anthony said.  I tuned back into him, bit my bottom lip and removed my jacket completely tossing it about a random chair.  "I'm going to fuck the shit you," I said aloud just above a whisper, surprising myself at my boldness, although I was the only one who heard what I said.  "OK class, let's do it,"  Anthony continued on unaware of my declaration.  I smirked at the thought of my new conquest.

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