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Meat&Bread - a fictional story Part 2 of 5

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I tossed and turned for what felt like the entire night.  I even found myself from time to time turning over staring at the back of Chase's head, wanting to kick his ass clean out of the bed, however, decided against it every time.

When the alarm buzzed at 6am, Chase was in the kitchen humming away as though all was fine and dandy.  I rolled my eyes and grabbed my phone from the bedside table to quiet it.  "Babe, you up?"  I pretended not to hear Chase's inquiry.  He strolled into the room with no shirt rocking just his pajama bottoms - he looked yummy.  "Good morning, Des" he said as though he were checking to see if I was still pissed.  I removed my phone from in front of my face and off to the side.  "Morning", I said flatly but not with the bitterness in which I spoke with last night.  He nodded as though I'd confirmed something for him.  He reached over the bed to grab the remote that was on his side, he flinched his jaw as he extended his body, his abs constricted and so did my vaginal muscles.  He handed me the remote and walked back into the kitchen.  I bit my bottom lip and flipped my body in the center of the bed.  I let out a low growl of frustration.

I suppose that I dozed back off because my phone alarm began to buzz on the bedside table stirring me.  It was like de ja vu, only thing missing was Chase.  He must've reset my alarm for me after falling back asleep.  I cracked a half smile.  Chase was a good dude like that, extremely thoughtful and kind.  Hated to argue, but could give you a run for your money if you caught him on a good day.  I missed the days of when we were first dating and we would get into heated intellectual debates and after splitting a bottle of wine and talking until our mouths were dry - we would make love and pour into bed around 3am.  I laughed out loud while reminiscing.  I glanced at the clock and realized it was 7:30am.  "Shit!"

I got to my desk just in time for Sarah, the floor coordinator to float by reeking of her cheap ass perfume.  I curled my top lip up towards my nose as soon a she was out of eyesight.  "Good morning , Des"  I heard an unfamiliar voice say from the hall.  I looked up to see the new guy skinning and grinning while holding a stack of files in his left hand.  I looked back down at my computer and gave a quick "Morning" it seemed as if he purposely waited for me to say something in response as he walked away after my brief acknowledgement.  I then began to mumble something or another about how cheap the firm was for not giving me an office, then I wouldn't have to deal with this shit.

Lunch time came quick, and I was happy because of it, I was going across the street for my boxing lesson.  They were offering a one month half off special and I was going to take full advantage. 

Once inside of the gym, a group of four of us - two men and two women were meeting with the boxing instructor, he was giving us safety tips and pointers before we each suited up to step inside of the ring.  I scanned the gym taking in all of the equipment, mapping out what I planned to use and what I didn't.  I then noticed over on the speed bag, a shirtless Adonis was getting his workout on.  A twinge that is usually reserved for Chase showed up loud and proud for the Black Rocky.  I watched the muscles in his back do a dance as his speed seemed to double every few seconds.  His fist hitting the bag matched the pulsating that I felt below.  Suddenly, as if to snap me out of my day dream, he gave the bag a final punch, as if to say he was done fucking the shit out of me, at least in my mind.  I jumped a little at the sound.  When he turned to face the group, I quickly returned my stare back to the instructor, but not before I saw his face.

It was the new guy!

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