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31.0000° N, 35.0000° E Part 1

Four years my senior, Jacob was wise and slightly intimidating

Why did I want to kiss him?  I mean right here, right now - smack dab on the lips in front of all these people.  He was talking, but what he was saying, I couldn't even begin to tell you. I could no longer hear the laughter of children or the sounds of bowling pins being knocked down on their respective lanes. No, my eyes were fixated on his mouth, his finely trimmed mustache and accompanying beard.  I imagined myself, crouching like a lioness, waiting for my moment to strike, eyes fixated on my prey, a hunger pang I hadn't felt in a long time made itself known.  I licked my lips, preparing them for the landing of a lifetime.  I wanted nothing more than to discover his taste.


Oh, shit!

I hated dating apps, I really did, I thought they were merely an easy excuse for the lazy to meet new people.  I didn't deem myself lazy, and honestly, I wasn't in a huge hurry to meet anyone new either.  But somehow, I found myself flipping through the various pics deciding whether I wanted to swipe right or left.  I'd had this app for just shy of six months, a co-worker told me about it and I merely thought, what the heck!  It was truly one of those out of sight out of mind apps, whereas, you really don't think about it unless you are actively opening it up, and based on your settings, you may actually receive a notification if you actually match with another person.  It was harmless enough, I thought.

I'd connected with a few guys, but only a few made it to actually getting my number and having a real life conversation, whereas the others fizzled out one way or the other.  After getting through about close to 10 different profiles, and swiping left before the image and/or its content could completely land on the page I was stopped in my tracks.  Handsome face, oooh, nice lips, I said to myself aloud.  I smiled while flipping through the strangers pics, he was handsome, beady eyes and broad nose, full lips, like my own and physique was on another level.  My eyes immediately dropped down to the space reserved for the About Me, yet, there was nothing there, I grimaced due to the fact.  I had a rule that if a guy was too lazy to complete that portion, he was more than likely too lazy to pursue me.  May sound silly to some, but after awhile, the basic things were red flags.  I flipped through his pics another 3-4 times before deciding to swipe right, figuring what the hell!  The least I'd be able to do is compliment him on his lips, right?

About 10 minutes later, I received a notification that he and I were a match.

Jacob was fine.  Period. Point. Blank.  Sure, while attractiveness is subjective - Jacob could certainly be the exception to that rule. An independent intellectual, Jacob certainly has a way with words, he is a stand alone, he forms his own opinions as opposed to going with whatever the crowd wants.  He's funny but not goofy.  Socially awkward but not creepy.  He definitely grabbed my attention with his ability to form more than one sentence when we initially messaged one another - he seemed to have an appreciation for conversation and that was definitely a rarity.  He was extremely aware and made it known every time he had an opportunity.  Four years my senior, Jacob was wise and slightly intimidating.  He was one of a kind and definitely something that I had yet to discover in anyone else.  The only hangup was that he lived three hours from my city, but something told me that, that really didn't matter, so I allowed him to pursue me further.

It didn't take long for him to become a permanent fixture in my day-to-day.  After swapping numbers and taking things offline.  We spent weeks scheduling phone calls that lasted from early evening to early morning.  We had a chemistry that was simply dope.  He was hilarious, continuously keeping me in the loop on the latest shenanigans of his engineer co-workers.  I'd receive random text messages throughout the day that had me giggling to myself in the corner like a school girl.  I really liked this guy and it felt good.  I was over the moon when he finally set time aside to schedule a date for us to meet in person.  That was the most nerve-wrecking thing.  I'd built up all this anticipation, only to potentially have it shattered by a first date - everything felt like it rode on its success...



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