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Blind Sided - Part Four

I did it just so the stranger could taste how good our names sounded together stumbling out pass his lips.
— BB

I needed to move from the cushioned space that I was in, immediately.  Things had gone from awkward to just pure uncomfortable and a crowd was beginning to form in front of us anyway.  Kim and I ducked off into Mekhi’s sun room joining some of the other guests as they sat around, it was almost as though it was our private VIP section, swag room number two, maybe?  There were even two other female guests standing guard only allowing the party's finest men to make their entrance.  One that struck me as particularly interesting was a fine brother who looked like an R&B artist that could croon you completely out of your panties.  He wasn't tall but wore a t-shirt that allowed his muscles to protrude, which was probably the reason I gave him a second look.  The female guards at the door pulled him in and forced him to do everything aside from take off his clothes.  I stood in the back of the room with my legs crossed still sipping on the not so chilled drink I needed so desperately earlier.  I sat it on the table next to me as I stood preparing to introduce myself to the Adonis before me.

He walked straight back in my direction after shaking the hands of a few people.  Once to me, I stared him in his eyes and extended my hand to introduce myself.  "How are you, my name is Luke."  I smiled, I liked his name, it was strong and sexy - fit him perfectly.  I said it in my head just before I pronounced my full name, enunciating every syllable, something I did only if my intentions were to embarrass a person by their attempt at trying to recall it.  However, I did it just so the stranger could taste how good our names sounded together stumbling out pass his lips.  He smiled and repeated it aloud still hanging on to my hand.  The rest of the room noted our meeting and immediately erupted in ooohs and ah's joking at how I went from just BB, to my full and complete name which had a German origin and meant resurrection, it was indeed beautiful, but a mouthful and I avoided serving it up to people most of the time.  I released Luke's hand and allowed him to take his place back in the center of the room.  Behind me through the glass I saw Mekhi walking pass the crowded sun room without so much of a glance in our direction.

My mind jumped from Luke and I's relationship, marriage and beautiful babies to Mekhi's flakiness.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to happen but Mekhi needed to be 100% about what was going on in that head of his.  I was starting to think that he was purposely avoiding me and the awkward situation that he'd placed himself in.  I was now in a funk and found myself back on the couch and no longer focused on Luke who said something about how he had just hired the director of finance.  While usually I'd be all ears, especially hearing a young attractive professional speak.  I leaned back in the seat and took a deep breath, I wasn't used to a guy acting weird around me, this was definitely unusual.  I watched as Kim spoke to another cutie who had been granted access to our private section, he had a strong jaw and to die for eyes that could land him in plenty of trouble.  I smiled as I looked at my friend flirt.  I was ready to roll around 3am.  The party was dying down aside from a few "too turnt up" individuals insisting that the music not stop.  Kim and I were outside just in time for the rain to gain momentum.

We bumped into Mark halfway down the driveway, he gave each of us hugs.  He then turned to Kim who had huddled back up under the umbrella with me and said "Is this the friend that was supposed to be meeting Mekhi?"  Before Kim had an opportunity to respond I stepped up and blurted out, "No, not really."  His attention then turned to me.  He walked with Kim and I towards her car.  He led, holding the umbrella over my head as we approached the same muddy spot as earlier.  " your step baby."  He said just as my sandal landed in the mud and my hand found his in the dark, reigniting the same feeling from earlier.  He opened the passenger side to Kim's ride and allowed me to get in, scooping the low part of my dress into the car along with the umbrella - he closed the door after saying goodbye and a possibility of seeing us before we left.  I watched him walk in the rain, attempting to instruct the other party goers who were leaving of the best way to exit Mekhi's driveway.  Yup, Mark was better, much better.

The party, Mark and Mekhi stayed on my mind for the better half of the night into the morning.  I had almost completely pushed it to the back of my mind until Kim's brother reminded me by asking, "So you like Mr. College boy?"  I heard him, but was having trouble understanding how the hell he knew anything, he wasn't there, not to mention all this happened less than 10 hours ago.  I looked to Kim who was sternly instructing her brother not to say a word about it.  He brushed it off with a gesture that signaled that, that was the very last thing on his mind.  I brought up to Kim later that day that I thought that it was a bad idea to tell anyone, and she reassured me that her brother telling Mekhi that I was really into Mark more was the last thing on his agenda.  The next two days were fun filled and I was excited to head back home.  There was no seeing Mark before we left and I decided that this was all something I could sit back and laugh at one day.  No hard feelings.

Things had returned to normal and Kim and I had returned to work that following week.  It was late in the day on Wednesday when Kim called me on my work line and said the words that I had envisioned as the worst case scenario, "Okay, don't be mad....and I'm going to kill my brother!"

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