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The truth about my engagement!



That was so weird to type.  I don't think I've even said the word "engaged" to anyone yet.

Example, while at work, I just told everyone that "(Insert name) proposed this weekend".  I'm not ashamed or unsure - I think it is still really unreal.  The interesting thing about being engaged is the questions that I've been asked.  So assuming that some of you may have those same questions, I thought I'd make a post about it and answer them in detail.

Thank you for all the love that has been shown to me and my fiance - it means everything to us!

  1. Who is he?
    A: This is probably the number one question I've gotten from people who don't know me that well.  If you really know me then you know him. But to answer the question, he is simply a divine and incredible human being who I am so fortunate to have met over ten years ago.
  2. I didn't know you were even dating!
    A: So this is more of a statement and similar to question number one, then you and I are probably not as close as you think we are.  However, let me detail this a little further.  I made a contentious decision with this relationship to not broadcast it all over the internet or force-feed it to people I had little to no interactions with.  It always amazes me how everyone says they keep their private life private until it's time to do so. There is only one social media platform that you will ever see numerous pictures of him or us together.  He's not being hidden at all, but we are individuals who lead separate lives and up until recently decided to combine the two.
  3. How did he propose?
    A: I won't disclose all the details but I can say that I was surprised and that I didn't really see it coming.  He and I discussed marriage; as far as what we expect once we are married - but a timeline wasn't disclosed. He ensured that both of our families were in attendance (they saw the entire thing, and I didn't know) and it was beautiful.  A dream.
  4. When is the wedding?
    A: This is the most asked question.  I. DON'T. KNOW. LolBut we are working on it.
  5. Are you excited?
    A: Yes!  I am very excited.
  6. Do you feel that you are ready?
    A: There are few things in life that we can "be ready" for.  I've found that some of the most impactful, life altering, and most amazing things happen when we are least expecting.  If by ready you mean, ready to be a committed, to doing the work that is required.  Then, yes.  Will times be tough?  Surely, but times will also be great.  I believe, in anything, if we can maintain a focus on not always the hard work but the worthy rewards then we will be all the better in our endeavors.

    Again - thank you!


Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined - Henry David Thoreau

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