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Thorwback Post: Baby Give Me One More Chance – The Return of Alonzo Part I

I always enjoy a good Alonzo story!  I learned so much from my relationship with him.  He set the bar high, that's for sure!  Enjoy! xoxo

Alonzo knew how to treat me, he always had, I never had to hold his hand and walk him through what to do, he just knew and executed it with no questions asked.
— BB

Rushing is something that I despise, but I found myself doing it anyway as I was thinking of all the million and one things I had to do in order to be ready for my date with Alonzo.  Alonzo had found his way into my text messages one early morning.  “Let’s do something radical” he said, I laughed at the fact that I was just thinking of him.  I hadn't spoken to him since he’d sent me a very nice fruit arrangement to my job.  “Radical?  Do tell.”  I responded intrigued by what his response would be.  “Let’s see each other.”  I couldn't help but laugh.  “Well give me the details and I will see what I can do.”  I responded hoping that he didn't mean seeing me today, I had far too much on my plate.  However, I knew that was not Alonzo’s style, he was spontaneous but he rarely acted off impulse.  “Well, I have an off day coming up this Friday, let’s grab dinner.”  I loved the way Alonzo would think before approaching the situation, either that or he was extremely quick on his feet.  I was excited, I adored Alonzo and hadn't seen him in two years.  I then thought of the plans that I had scheduled for Friday night – ugh, I immediately began thinking that I’d promised someone that I’d be there at their event.  I began to question why bad things happen to good people.  I tried to formulate how I would go about seeing Alonzo and going to the event.  I responded, “Sure, sounds great.”  “Okay, what time works best for you?”  he asked.  “Let’s shoot for 8:30pm”  I had no idea why I’d given Alonzo that time, but that was the only time I could think of that wasn't super later nor super early.  “Great!  8:30 I’ll be there to pick you up and we can grab a bite to eat.  I can’t wait BB.”  I sent him a smiley face and prayed to the heavens to allow me to do both, I’d missed Alonzo and didn't want to blow the only opportunity I might have to see him.

Friday came faster than I thought, I still hadn't thought of how I was gonna juggle being in two places at once, but at around 10am the heavens heard my prayer.  The plans for the event to go to a Hookah bar fell through and I was left with the plan that I originally wanted which was to have dinner with Alonzo.  “Good Morning, I can’t wait to see you tonight.”  I smiled from ear to ear.  That was Alonzo’s way of confirming our plans for the night.  “I can’t wait either.”  I shot back.  I was genuinely excited, but hated the idea of working a full day of work and still be expected to be great company.  I was afraid that I would bore him due to my being tired, but decided to brush it off and grab a cup of coffee.  I was having my daily phone conversation with my sister as I opened the front door to my apartment, as soon as I closed the door I knew that I would have to politely end the conversation in order to began preparing for my night.  I looked at the clock and it read that it was five minutes past seven.  I hung up with my sis and immediately stripped of my garments and hopped into the shower.  I cleansed my body and removed the makeup from my face.  I hopped out in record time and began to apply lotion to my body and sprayed a light mist of cucumber body spray.  I’d picked out an off white body con dress with the back out earlier in the week that would have been appropriate for both occasions.  After applying my makeup and spraying water onto my curly mane I danced into the snug fitting dress that held on to my curves for dear life.  “Whoa!”  I said aloud as I looked at the material clinging to my body, I then began to feel self conscious. 

I snapped a couple pics to send to my sis.  I looked down at my ringing phone announcing that Alonzo was at the gate.  My heart was beating something ferociously into my chest.  I fidgeted with my hair, because no matter what I’d did, it wasn't perfect enough.  I heard a knock at the door.  I fumbled around with the hair dryer and began to knock things over in the bathroom.  “Chill BB” I said to myself.  After having Alonzo wait a good two full minutes at the door, I went to it and peered out.  His head was down and he was looking at his cellphone.  I took a deep breath to compose myself and then unlocked the door to let my past in.  As soon as I opened the door completely, he looked up at me with a smile, handsomely dressed in a long sleeved button down, a vest and tie.  He was cleanly shaven and his mustache was lined, exactly the way I liked it.   He looked very nice. I stepped out into the breezeway to embrace him, his face went into my neck.  He squeezed me tightly and I him.  I stepped back to allow him inside as we both smiled.  “Sorry, my hair is still a little wet” I responded to him.  “No, you’re totally fine.” He responded with a laugh.  I felt his eyes on me as I walked away from him and headed towards the bathroom.  “Give me a couple seconds and let me finish up.”  I said.  “Oh, sure, do what you have to do, I’m fine.”  He responded sincerely.  “Soooo, how are your parents?”  I asked him while I was in the bathroom looking into the mirror at nothing in particular.  I heard his voice move closer, “They’re great.  You know we had the annual Christmas pictures today” he said with a laugh.  Alonzo’s mom always made sure that they always took Christmas photos for the cards they sent out each year.  I laughed at the thought of the last one I’d received in the mail from him. 

I finished up the bunch of nothing I was doing in the bathroom and walked out into the living room to see if Alonzo was ready.  He was standing in the center of the room looking at what I assumed to be my dying plant near the patio door.  He turned to look at me, his eyes started from my hips, to my breast, then to my face.  I was surprised, Alonzo had never obviously looked at me that way before.  “Ready?”  I asked him to break his trance.  “Yes.” He responded as we headed towards the door.  He opened it and I stepped out into the strangely warm  December weather.  I locked the door and we proceeded to walk to his car.  “So, I got a new car.”  He announced as we approached a newer model Ford vehicle.  I had a hearty laugh as I remember him riding around in a beat up Ford while in college.  He opened the door for me to get inside and I took a nice look around, it was clean and spacious.  I smiled hard as I noticed how grown up Alonzo was.  Here I can remember him as a sophomore in high school with this huge arrogance problem I’d come to know in a young man.  To growing slowly and maturing into a high school senior and my crush, he didn't even seem to notice I liked him back then, he wasn't paying me the time of day.  I watched him grow while in College when we were introduced again and he’d wooed me.  Here we were nine years later on a date, he was a college graduate, living in his own place, driving his own car, and mastering his own career by running a restaurant.  Alonzo knew how to treat me, he always had, I never had to hold his hand and walk him through what to do, he just knew and executed it with no questions asked.  Alonzo had definitely grown up and I was definitely noticing. 

Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined - Henry David Thoreau

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