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Throwback Post: Baby Give Me One More Chance – The Return of Alonzo Part II

Suddenly the lights were raised and a long haired beauty emerged, she began dancing to the beat of the music coming from the speakers.
— bb

I quickly snapped out of my trance as we pulled into a strange looking restaurant that sat on a hill.  Valet was present, but it didn't exactly look like a spot that you should expect valet.  Alonzo rolled his window down at the approaching red coat wearing gentlemen.  “Good evening sir, we got complimentary valet for you this evening, we can take it from here.”  Suddenly my passenger door flew open and I stepped out allowing my brown ankle boots to grace the wet surface.  Alonzo met up with me at the front of the restaurant.  As soon as we stepped inside a slim lady asked us if we had reservations, we informed her that we didn'tand were immediately escorted into a dark, almost cave-like area.  Greek music escaped loudly from the speakers near the DJ booth.  Everyone seemed to be in a trance, I was uncomfortable.  The young lady showed Alonzo and I to our table, or more like our spot on a carpet.  I had trouble initially taking a seat on the floor due to the fact that I was wearing a dress and that the low table was preventing me from remaining lady like, but I managed.  Alonzo took a seat next to me shoulder to shoulder.  “What kinda place is this?”  I said into his ear so he could hear me.  “It’s a hookah lounge, I know you always said you wanted to come to one.”  I smiled to myself.  Alonzo grabbed the menu on the table, then looked at me and asked was I hungry, I shrugged my shoulders as I looked into his eyes.  “Well, I just so happen to be so let’s see what they have.”  I looked over the menu and decided quickly on a salad and a glass of Moscato.  Once the waiter got there, Alonzo ordered for me and then ordered himself a calzone and a beer.  He also put in an order for mango flavored hookah.  Our drinks came fast and I sipped the sweet beverage and thought that it could have stood to be chilled a little longer.  I felt a strong sense of closeness to Alonzo, maybe it was just simple familiarity. 

Our hookah arrived and Alonzo was showing me how I was to use it, I’d never tried it before and was a little apprehensive, he laughed as I tried to fill my lungs with the fruity smoke.  Suddenly the lights were raised and a long haired beauty emerged, she began dancing to the beat of the music coming from the speakers.  She wore a red shimmery outfit with her belly exposed.  She began to move her arms in sync with her waist.  She then stopped only to allow her midsection to vibrate ferociously.  I leaned over and whispered to Alonzo that, all of what she was doing was an illusion “it’s all in the knees”  I said to him.  “That’s right, you did take belly dancing didn't you.” He remembered, I was surprised.  I’d taken belly dancing back when Alonzo and I were talking heavily.  The dancers performance ended and Alonzo turned to look at me and say, “I’ve been meaning to tell you how good you look tonight.”  I smiled, “Thanks.” 

“You know what’s so crazy, BB, and this may even sound strange. But I think about you at least once a day.”  I looked into his sincere eyes.  “Whether I see the color purple, pass some Orchids in the store, see something chocolate” we both laughed out loud.  “No, matter what, I think of you and I've missed you so much.”  He continued.  “ I've missed you too.” I said, truth dripping from my words.  “Then all of a sudden I thought to myself, why are you sitting around wallowing, do something about it.  So that’s why I asked you out tonight.”  I was so touched, I couldn't say anything.  I just grabbed my glass of wine and took a huge gulp.  Our food arrived and I took a few bites of my salad before pushing my plate away.  Alonzo took one bite of his calzone and claimed to no longer be hungry.  We sat back just enjoying the scenery, people watching and being in each others presence.  Every now and again we looked at one another and smiled.  The waiter arrived with a to go container and our check.  Alonzo swiftly paid and packed away his dinner into the Styrofoam box.  We got up to leave with the same struggle we had sitting down.  Once we got outside we handed our ticket to the valet.  “Hey, I’m going to run in here and get some cash so I can tip him.”  I nodded to him and watched him walk about five feet into the restaurant to the ATM.  I looked out and absorbed the cool night air as I waited for Alonzo to withdraw cash.  I then turned to look in the direction of the restaurant and immediately caught Alonzo’s eye, he was staring at me the entire time and I hadn't realized it.  He dropped his eyes back to the teller machine and soon walked out just in time for the valet to open my door.

He tipped him and we were headed back to my place.  I was immediately nervous about whether or not I would invite him in, this was the first time in a very long time that I’d been out with Alonzo and I wanted the evening to end on the highest note possible, and not be ruined by foolish actions.  We arrived at my apartment and he parked the car and walked me through the gate to my apartment.  He took my keys from me to unlock my door while looking at me in my face, I dared not look back at him.  Once he turned the lock he removed his hand from the door all together.  “Are you about to go?” I asked, half hoping he would say yes, and half hoping he would say no.  “Yeah, I got to open in the morning.”  He responded, hoping that disappointment wasn't present in my voice. “Oh, okay. Well thanks again for tonight, I had a really nice time.”  I said as I stepped into his embrace.  I walked into my apartment with a mixture of feelings, but overall had an amazing time.  It was always a good time with Alonzo.  I can never remember having a bad time.  Alonzo had introduced me to so much, different foods, different drinks, it was always good. Later on that evening he texted me.  “Thanks, BB for coming out with me, I really missed you, we definitely are going to have to get together real soon.  Hopefully with me not having obligations so early the next morning.  I STILL love you.  I always will.”  I was shocked, he actually said it.  I loved Alonzo too, that was a given, loving him was easy, too easy.  To know him was to love him.  I didn't know what the date meant, if it will go anywhere or what will be of him and I, I guess it’s a matter of staying tune to see.


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