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Just A Different Day

So it would be no surprise that I’d be wined with the finest, dined with the best and our evenings would be filled with many attempts at love making.
— BB

I was hating that I said yes to this outing with Alonzo, things were kind of weird between he and I, well of course he knew nothing of the weirdness between us.  Let an outside person looking in tell it I was being “difficult”.  Ha!  Something that I  was good at being.  I tucked the grey and black scarf into my jet black sweater.  Added a few flips to my hair and added blush to my already flawless made up face.  To say I was in a bad mood was a stretch I really was just over so much with the guys in my orbit.  I wanted something new, something fresh and Alonzo was just as old as they came, but truth is, there was nothing wrong with him, actually he was quite certainly what most women would call perfect.  But here I was looking out the peephole of my front door trying to put on a perfect front for the guy who had professed his love for me nearly five years ago.  I took a deep breath and opened the door to find Alonzo.  I grimaced on the inside at the fact that he wasn't properly cut nor had he shaven.  Ugh!  I never got that with guys, what was so hard about taking their behinds to the barber?  I dismissed my frustration and welcomed him into my home while I scooped up my Michael Kors handbag that lay open on my sofa, I grabbed my keys and we headed out.  He opened the door to his ride, as I slid in I was hit with the overwhelming scent of his cologne and coughed a little.  I hated when people chose to spray on fragrances in the car, because chances are, they’d spray on too much and in this case Alonzo had done just that - another reason for me to be annoyed.

I was happy when we made it to our destination, a pretty popular museum in our hometown.  That’s one thing that was always on point with Alonzo, he came with the best dates.  I thought back to earlier in the week when I had to cancel a last minute trip.  Alonzo had been wanting alone time with me for quite awhile, I had let him know of the dates that I would be off and he informed me that he would plan something extra special for us two.  I was apprehensive about the idea from the get go, but curiosity wouldn't allow me to back out.  Monday evening he texted me and asked me if I was cool with an overnight trip.  I was shocked, I’d never spent a night with Alonzo, well unless the times he’d fallen asleep on my love seat at my condo counted.  I diverted the question and asked him what he had in mind before answering.  He’d told me that he wanted to take me to a Chateau for two nights.  I choked on air at the thought of it.  The Chateau is an exclusive winery and resort in our home state.  It was situated forty miles out of the city and was a beauty to behold.  It was definitely not a place for just friends.  I became nervous at the thought of experiencing a two night getaway with Alonzo.  That’s when it became clear that I wanted something differently than he did.  Alonzo wanted the package.  He wanted all of me, all of what I had to offer.  So it would be no surprise that I’d be wined with the finest, dined with the best and our evenings would be filled with many attempts at love making.

I leaped from my bed as though something had forced me.  I certainly couldn’t do that, at least not now.  I twirled my phone around and around in my hands until I’d formulated the best decline I could think of to text Alonzo.  I wasn’t too concerned with his response, he was a gentleman and I knew that while he was disappointed he would respond in the most appropriate manner, he wouldn’t be a bitch and beg, he was going to put up the best front possible, and say something to the effect of him understanding.  Alonzo lived by the mantra, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”.  I knew that this situation would pop up again at some point but at least I’d bought myself some time though.  I was snapped out of my wandering by the car coming to a stop in the parking space of the museum.  “Here we go” I mumbled to myself before exiting.

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