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Blind Sided Part I

He’s young enough to date me, but old enough to appreciate me.
— BB

"A blind date? I don't know about that."  I responded to Kim, who's face had lit up at the idea that she had found my perfect match.  "Who is he?"  I asked, really wanting to know.  Kim perked, "his name is Mekhi and he is a really great guy and sooooo your type!"  Kim was practically jumping up and down at the prospect of he and I meeting and ultimately hitting it off.  "Well, where is he?"  I wondered, now more intrigued.  "Uhh, he lives in Tennessee."  She responded hesitantly.  My eyes bucked and my mouth fell open.  "A freaking whole other state, Kim?!  What am I going to do with him from there?"  Kim had to be out of her mind if she thought that there would be a chance in hell that I would get to know and/or possibly even date someone long distance, on purpose!  I was immediately frustrated.  "He's really cute, and such a gentleman, you'll like him.  Come on, BB."  I began to try to weigh which issue bugged me the most, the thought of being on a blind date, or if I despised the fact that my date lived in another state.  I gave in to the idea with a YOLO and gave Kim the green light on hooking things up.

It was right about 9:00pm on a Thursday when I arrived home.  Mekhi had reached out to me, but I was far too distracted to answer him at the time.  I handled a few things around my apartment before I sat in the middle of my queen-sized bed that I'd missed terribly and called him.  He answered close to the fifth ring.  "May I speak with Mekhi, please?"  I asked, in the softest voice I could conjure up.  "This is Mekhi" he responded laced with a smile that was present through the phone.

Me: Well, hello, how are you?

Mekhi: I am doing quite well, my lady, how are you?

I noticed right away the very Southern accent that Mekhi possessed, I even found myself pulling back from the phone to have a laugh at just how southern his drawl was.  I thought it was cute and gave him personality.  He and I talked for a little over an hour and a half.  We discussed many things, such as what he does for living, my being a writer, which he thought was pretty cool, him recently purchasing a home, and both our love for animals.  We shared laughs and serious conversation at the same time.  Mekhi is about three years older than me, which was refreshing.  He's young enough to date me, but old enough to appreciate me, it was appeasing to talk to a young man who didn't want to discuss just sports and himself, he seemed to have a genuine interest in getting to know me and  the various things about me.  He and I ended the conversation with pleasantries and a promise to talk soon.  I was pleased with how the first conversation went.

I was home and Kim and I were having our usual girly pow wow we have whenever I'm there, when I made a comment regarding the potential blind date with Mekhi.  Kim's face did that lighting up thing again.  It was originally determined that seeing as though Mekhi was in and out of my home state, we would try to coordinate a time for us to meet up and go out.  "That's perfect!" Kim shouted out of nowhere.  I looked at her confused.  "You're still coming to Nashville for the 4th right?"  I nodded wanting to know what she was getting at.  " guys should go on your date then!"  I counted in my head that the 4th of July was three weeks away.  I also had to admit that, that actually worked out really well.  "Mekhi is also throwing his annual 4th of July party so you should come to that too."  I then thought back to the conversation I'd had with Mekhi and how excited he sounded about having the party in his new home.  I smiled, I was intrigued by the meeting of the stranger. Wondering if the way he spoke matched the way he looked, would I even like the way he looked?  I shook off any apprehension that I might have and decided to cross that proverbial bridge when I got to it.  For now, I wouldn't worry.  All was right with the world and Mekhi.

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